Instant Pot – Best Kitchen Invention and Investment ever!

I have been using Instant pot (IP) for over more than 3 months now and let me tell you it still surprises me every single day!
So here I am sharing my journey! However what's not said about this magic pot before? IP is everywhere! People are talking about its versatility, its easy breezy cooking options, its shape and sizes! Everything is out there but whats missing is the most unspoken questions people have before and after buying an IP (At least I did not find answers for them until I experienced it myself)
There are literally millions of videos & posts about it but here I am sharing my 2 cents!
Invented in 2010 but got it's real popularity in last couple years, thanks to all those amazing posts and recipes shared on internet! Healthy eating, home cooked meals are on everyone's new year resolution health goals. In all this chaos Instant pot just comes as a Unicorn! Is that really true? Well lets see..!
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Little Back Story:

When I was first introduced to this by my dear sister, I was amused but still hesitant and had few if not many questions in my head! Around the same time, we did a road trip together and she got her IP along and and that changed the whole story! Yes the road trip was great but what made it even more fun, was carrying an IP with us. Getting good food in remote areas like National Parks is bit too much to expect, so IP came in handy to make some amazing comfort food with so much ease after a hectic adventurous day! Right after that I came across an IP cookbook event by Nisha Vora  of @rainbowplantlife!

By this time I was convinced!

But now there were few other questions! Thanks to IP that comes with so many options!

Question 1: Which one to buy?

IP comes in 8 different types, providing different modes to cook with, different watt power, different shapes and sizes.. so its really a research to do based on your needs and type of cooking. After lot of contemplation I finally got my IP ultra 6 qt and it changed my cooking game. Ultra has 10 in 1 cooking options, it comes with Yogurt, cake and saute mode along with other basic  modes. To me this was perfect. Moreover I grabbed the best deal. so I couldn't have ask for more!
Now I can't imagine my meal prep, hosting a dinner, making quick comfort food without my IP.
To be honest its really a matter of choice to decide which one is the best for you! However I think for everyday basic cooking and meal prepping, the most basic version does the job! I personally feel pressure cook and steam are frequently used modes and the most basic one has it all. So no need to spend extra $$, unless you are getting the advanced version for a better deal.

Question 2:  Does it cook meals better than stove top?

I will say no because it's not suppose to make it better but to retain the same taste and flavors with addition of ease of cooking and it my friend does the job on point! Now you don't have to keep track of number of whistles like your traditional pressure cooker, rather you can start the cooking in an IP and go spend time with your family and friends, come back home to a perfectly cooked still warm lunch/dinner! It's definitely the best for certain types of food and not cook all pot. Let's be real, IP scores some major brownie points when it comes to cooking curries, soups, stews, rice dishes and most important cooking lentils is now just so seamless!

So what do you think ?

Question 3: Am I using all the modes in my IP?

Definitely I haven't tried all of them yet and consistently using pressure cooker mode the most, but I think each one would be functional if you like cooking variety of food. Recently I tried Yogurt mode for fermenting idli batter (fluffy Indian rice cakes) and it turned out amazing.

So if you like experimenting in your kitchen, you have huge playground with your IP. Just play around and see what works the best!


Final Question: Is it worth it?

To be honest even after buying and using it for first few times, I had this thoughts that may be I will only use it occasionally and I may go back to my traditional pressure cooker or it will be another appliance taking up my counter space. But no! Its awesome and surely makes your kitchen time more fun, more breezy! I know I know its a matter of opinion but seriously - IP lives up to its hype and that relieved me!
It will take some days to get hands on with your IP, its not the usual pressure cooker after all, but once you get hold of it, you are never gonna look back!
To me "it's the best kitchen invention and investment ever!" Your counter space will be very well utilized giving your kitchen a sleek makeover!

It's perfect, its compact, and its clean cooking.

Note: This post is no way sponsored by official Instant Pot. Its just to encourage you all to cook and expand your cooking horizons with IP. Hope you have a lot of fun cooking delicious meals with your IP.

Happy Cooking!


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