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1 cup fine chickpea flour
2 teaspoon ginger garlic paste or dry garlic powder
2 cup water
One teaspoon turmeric powder
1 tbsp oil
2- 3  green chilies  finely chopped
One teaspoon fruit salt or Eno
Salt to taste
Pan lined with parchment paper
Freshly  grated coconut



  1.  In The Mixing Bowl mix chickpea flour, ginger garlic paste
  2.  Add little water at a time and start whisking the mixture
  3.  Do not add all the water at once
  4.  Make sure there are no lumps in the mixture
  5.  Add salt to taste
  6.  Now mix the oil and turmeric powder in a separate Bowl
  7.  At this stage turn on the steamer on the instant pot in Steam mode for 18 minutes
  8.  Add the turmeric mixture to chickpea mixture and mix well 
  9.  As soon as you steamer is ready and just   whisk the  mixture once  iron transfer the mixture to pan.
  10.  After 18 minutes let it go for another 2 minutes
  11.  Remove the pan from the steamer and  transfer to the cooling rack.
  12.  For tempering to a small pan add oil on a medium-high heat
  13.  Add mustard seeds and cumin seeds, Curry leaves, let it  pop.  at Chilis
  14.  Turn off the flame and carefully add sugar and water to it.
  15.  Add sesame seeds
  16.  Give slight cuts into the dhokla and add the tempering on to the Dhokla.
  17.  Garnish with sesame seeds cilantro and  grated coconut.