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Hi there! I'M Priyanka Kale.

Born and raised in India, currently living in California. Few years ago I flew down to this land of opportunities, country that is whole new world in itself! Moving here was not only exciting but also a start of adventurous journey ever. Surrounded by new city, new people, new culture, new FOOD habits, new travel destinations, and whole new perspective about life! Sounds very challenging however support of most loving people around made everything so easy... Now when I look back to these years, I feel blessed, I feel content and TBH cooking and experimenting in my kitchen was one of the most important role player all these years in creating beautiful memories and making strong bonds!

Home Chef inside me was born the same day I started making Maggie rather than just boiling it... when I use to garnish even my simple plate of dal(lentil) and rice, when I used to imitate those food channel hosts in my kitchen… when I used to binge watch any food show for hours... or when I used to be around my mom just observing her cook... Relishing on good food was and is always favorite part of my life...truly blissful.

I wanted to put together all those ideas I have been stacking up all these years about my own food space. My family's constant love and support and of course spending lots of hours in my kitchen made this possible.

I am truly delighted to share this space with everyone!