Falling in love with FALL, yet again!

Can you believe it? Summer has already gone?? The temperature still hasn’t lowered down yet however the most awaited time of year is officially here. I love summer, summer produce and the whole vacation vibe however there is something very special about the “Fall Season”. Growing up in India we never had this as separate season so it’s even more exciting time for me when I actually see the nature making its beautiful art work. Tree slowly changing its color, rustling of leaves while you stroll  around , markets full of orange produce , amazing aroma coming from the neighboring houses while mommy and kids are baking some delicious pies , not to mention the malls flashing fabulous fall fashion, it’s all very inspiring, cozy it’s in own way. Everything is just getting winter ready, slowly, beautifully!


While California doesn’t get to see much of Fall transition but the spirit is all around. Those warm clothes coming out of closet. Schools reopening with enthusiasm and that whole back to school vibe makes me feel happy. While some of us are surely hating the change, the days being shorter, mornings being cooler, teachers begin stricter, few of us are still not over the lazy yet chaotic summer feeling! But look on the positive note, festive season is now closer, meaning more holidays more celebrations, more family fun! Isn’t it?


Fall is known for its unique scenic natural beauty. The orange, pink, red and finally brown color of leaves makes me go crazy, Skies are changing from grey to brilliant blues, and yes I fell in love with the wonderful nature yet again! Few things are just meant to seasonal! Warm drinks like pumpkin spice latte trending at Starbucks, candy corns, pumpkin patch festivals are not going to be available year around. So let’s indulge thoroughly! I would definitely suggest travel as much as you can because I think fall is the best time to step out and see the nature showing its magic. Just google the nearest pumpkin patches and plan a picnic now!

For me "Fall is baking". I mean I don’t know why I always associate fall with some delicious baking happening in my kitchen be it muffins, pies, simple cake loaf or my favorite garlic bread! Do you have any fall favorite activity? I would love to hear and if you dont have any, its time to create one! Find your Fall Favorite and share the happiness.

So friends and foodies, pull on an edgy trench coat with your ankle boots on, eat lots of peaches, bake some delicious pies and prep up for those cozy winters and most important let’s create some great memories this Fall Season!

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