“New York City” Dream of every traveler and I am sure it’s on your bucket list too!

The whole jazz about New York starts with its beautiful huge landscape, sky scrapers, expensive markets, mesmerizing Skyline, Central Park and of course FOOD! New York will never disappoint you no matter if you are vegetarian, non-vegetarian or vegan! Starting from Street food to Fine dining you will get everything and possibly anything! So along with visiting Empire State Building and Central Park do add this place to your bucket list if you are planning to visit NY!  I can’t thank enough to my husband for taking me to this place situated right in middle of those sky scrapers on 39th Street of Manhattan. Yes “The Kati Roll Company” (TKRC) is one of the best place and must go place in NY. Serving some mouthwatering authentic Kati Rolls is their specialty. For those who don’t know Kati Roll, it is a mixture of meat and/or vegetable rolled in Indian Flat Bread. It’s authentic Kolkata (in India) street food item. I loved this place so much that I visited it twice on consecutive days! Ahh! I want to go there again!

The Bollywood themed décor of TKRC is very interesting and will surely make you nostalgic if you 80s or 90s kid like me. Talking about food, it’s absolutely divine! I tried all the Rolls except the ones with Beef. This place is also called as Vegetarians rejoice and I will truly endorse this fact. Aachari Paneer and Chana masala are my 2 favorites in veg rolls. If you are non-vegetarian do try Shami Kebab Roll and Chicken Tikka Roll! The buttery paratha (flat Bread) enhances the taste and richness of each roll! The marinade that is made in house is secret behind this delicious taste along their Signature Lime cilantro chutney is what makes the real magic! Not to mention the price will make you happy too!

These rolls are ready to eat on the go option so if you are in hurry, don’t want to wait in long line at your favorite restaurants or simply want to grab something and walk around the city I think it is probably the best place to go for! Usually crowded TKRC have multiple branches in NY and they do have it in London (UK) as well. Well isn’t that cool!

This place do have great history too! Place started out of whole and sole passion for authentic Kolkata Food has definitely won my heart. I will rate this place with 4.8 stars.Now it’s your time to explore this place and enjoy the Kolkata street food on New York Streets! Wow that sounds so much fun!