Ciao foodies! Do you like Italian food but often avoid eating because of the fear of gaining those extra pounds?

Well let me tell you we are in the same boat, However there is good news for all of us. We no longer have to control our cravings and can feed our tummy with some extremely flavorful traditional yet healthy Italian food that won’t make you feel guilty. Let me ask you a question, do you prefer eating at popular chain food restaurant or local restaurant? I somehow always pick the latter one! (Not that I completely avoid the former) Even though the taste and price is guaranteed in the former, you always get to try something new, special and much more flavorful and fresh food in the latter one!

“Pesto Italian Crafty Kitchen” in El Cajon city of San Diego is place for people like you and me who frequently crave for traditional Italian food and yet expect it to be healthy! Established in 2016, this restaurant is continuously serving their customers with freshest and finest Italian cuisine!  Food is organic, with gluten free and Vegan options!
I visited this place recently for late lunch. As soon as I entered the place, we were greeted by friendly staff member and he also quickly suggested for checking out the “Today’s Special Menu”. Impressive décor, spacious seating, patio seating and cleanliness around made me comfortable and excited to try the food. There is also an interesting photo booth at the entrance for all the Instagram lovers! So cool! The menu is spread from crisp insalate, savory Pizzas, Pastas, Calzones to their signature garlic knots, fries, craft beers and desserts. After checking out the whole menu and offers I ordered their signature Garlic knots with Pesto sauce, Spaghetti Primavera (Vegan) and Pesto Panini Sandwich!

Let’s dive into the food now! Pretty looking Garlic knots were fluffy and the in house made Pesto sauce drizzled on top was simply delicious! I personally love pesto and thus know very few places get the Pesto right and this place might be one of them.  I was excited about my vegan Spaghetti as having Vegan Spaghetti is not a usual thing for me. Let me take a moment to appreciate the presentation here. Perfect looking Spaghetti with basil on top is what every Italian food lover is looking for! It’s always been said that you eat with your eyes first! I could not agree more on this after looking at this dish. Beautiful looking Spaghetti did taste full of traditional flavors with healthy spin!  Yes, I never felt so light after eating Spaghetti.

Last but definitely not the least item on my table was the pesto Panini sandwiches with crafty fries. Sandwich was a layer of chicken, avocado, pesto in between the grilled bread. It was not spicy but it was tasty and refreshing no doubt. Portion size is definitely very good and I was completely satiated with everything I ordered. I would like to rate this place with 4.6 stars and recommend all of you to try it out! They truly live by their tag line which goes by- Pesto crafty kitchen stirs your taste and feeds your soul! This place might not be as big as your fine dinning restaurants but definitely has its own charm!

Continua a mangiare! Continua ad esplorare!