Are you fond of shopping fresh jams, berries, nuts, juices etc. from the small hill stations? I somehow always loose the control when I end up seeing all those fresh organic produce or packaged products!

"Julian" is one such place just 70 miles away from where I live. Its also an official historical landmark of California! So I kind of visit often like once in 4-6 months. Even though its in deserts region of west coast, its extremely cold place with temperature mostly in 50’s(F). And for all those snow lovers living in desert; it even snows here in winter! Its tiny little town with lots of local shops restaurants and mills.

Today we are going to talk about famous and one of a kind “Julian Cider Mill” located right in the heart of this town. When I first visited this I was not aware of its popularity and I randomly stopped by. Second time I visited this place was purely intentional and you can say in fact I visited Julian just to visit this place. Now you know how much I am going to love this place for next 5 minutes.

They have variety of products all manufactured and packaged locally. Cider, candy, caramel apples, raw honey, dried fruits, nuts, apple & pumpkin butters, jams, jellies, marmalade, preserves, a large selection of sugar free candies and preserves as well as many gift items.I am really fond of their Apple Juice, Boys&Berry Juice which they do provide samples for as well. So it’s easy to pick and you don’t end up buying something that just occupy space in your refrigerator. Apple butter, Apple Jams, Apricot syrup are some of my other favorites which I surely pick during my each visit here.
Everything is so colorful and fresh looking that its really hard to resist on anything. Also they have great variety of savory items like flavored peanuts, walnuts, veggie chips etc. Not to mention endless variety of chocolates and candies make you go crazy!

It’s usually very crowded as I have seen it in different times of the day. You need to make a way while you shop but it’s worth the hassle. It’s authentic and not very expensive at the same time. You ought to visit this place if you are somewhere near southern California.

Julian is a perfect getaway from a hectic rush of city life, so do visit Julian and dont forget to stop by Cider mills and If you do, let  me know what you picked !