Planning your next Getaway ? Read this first!

I recently spent couple of days away from chaotic urban life, surrounded by mountains and beautiful serene lake, yes at Big Bear. It’s the perfect getaway if you are somewhere in California. While I was there I got a chance to try some of newly opened healthy snack and juice bar, on the other hand I also indulged in my favorite gelato. Here are my top 3 picks to try when you at Big Bear.

Juice Factory

If you have seen my Instagram feed, you know how much I love Acai Bowls, smoothies and fresh vegetable and fruits juices. Yes that why this place caught my attention while I was strolling through the streets of Big Bear Lake Village. It’s fairly new and has amazing seating arrangement, not to mention this place smells so good! I tried Mountain detox. It’s a fresh vegetable and fruit mix juice that is totally rejuvenating and refreshing, especially if it’s hot outside, you got to try this.


Yes it was quite hot outside but do you even need a reason to eat gelato? Well atleast I don’t! While exploring the pretty looking mall streets I stopped by the Village Sweet Shoppe. Shop that has every possible color. Yes it’s simply mesmerizing while you look at those wonderful pretty looking candy barrels, chocolate jars, toys and what not! They have lot of options for those having sweet tooth! I tried caramel Pistachios gelato, it was too rich and creamy and totally satisfying and worth the money spent. You must try this old fashioned candy shop and I am sure kids will go crazy here. Bit crowded during rush hours but you know how to make our way to that delicious gelato, don’t you?

Mexican food

Trust me I was super hungry yet I checked out the menu of 3-4 restaurant around the town. Reviews and ratings were so diverse that I could not decide what I should eat for dinner. So after checking and literally having good discussion I ended up visiting “El Jacalito Grill”. An authentic Mexican food restaurant. I got amazing parking spot and that pleased me even more. I tried fajitas with chicken (tortillas and rice was complementary with the dish), chicken Tostadas. Salsa and chips were complementary again. Food was super filling and delicious. Especially you got to try those Fajitas. It was perfect patio seating with nice weather outside. Very relaxing and unwinding. Now that’s all you need for while being on a vacation!