For me eating Pizza is like a therapy!

New York City is certainly my most favorite city of course after San Diego and more than that I have immense love for Pizza, although I used to dislike the combination of these two a “New York style pizza” until I visited this pizzeria on the planet! Well Few weeks ago I saw this old episode of Triple D on food network (Diners, Drive-ins and Dives) and was excited they being reviewing a place in San Diego! I immediately decided to give this place a try even though they serve thin crust NY style pizza!

"Pizzeria Luigi" situated in North Park San Diego is one of the best pizzeria I have ever been to. It certainly gives you that NY vibe and serve some delicious pizza. Just because I am a pizza lover I don’t think I will be biased to this place for the fact that I quite don’t go for thin crust pizza but to my surprise I am in love with this place, people and pizza of course! You will have multiple options here. You can either have a slice of your favorite topping or you can go for whole Pie. The whole Pie is humongous and will surely be enough for 2-3 people depending on how many slices each person can eat. They are definitely creative and serve fresh Pizza. Wait time is bit high but this ensures that it’s fresh and made to order so worth the wait!

They make mesh like design on the top with all the sauces, melding all the flavors together! Locals favorite and as seen on Triple-D “EL Diablo” is most popular while Mona Lisa being the next. I made custom Pie with one half being the Buffalo chicken and other half of Mona Lisa (without Pepperoni).

I enjoyed it thoroughly! Crust is thin but baked just right! One more favorite pizza place is added to my list now!

Now that I started liking NY style pizza it’s your time to visit this place! If you in this area and still not trying Pizzeria Luigi, you are missing out big time!