Vegas is not all about having Buffets!

Yes you heard that right…! After trying exotic and delicious spread at famous stratosphere Buffet I was completely not in mood in doing it all over again the next day... So I decided to go for some other options. While scrolling on yelp for good 1 hour and looking at some mouthwatering pics I was convinced to try this place called Paymon’s Mediterranean Cafe & Lounge. Not to mention Greek and Mediterranean food is always my favorite (& safe) cuisine to go for. We arrived at this place quite early while it was just opened for Lunch so we did not have to wait. As soon I entered the cafe I was pleased with the great vibe this place has. Let me first appreciate the decor, colorful and refreshing for Las Vegas... Nice seating space along with beautiful painting and awards all over the walls tells you that it’s a great place. Definitely soothing and intimate.

Coming back to Food, we ordered a Combination platter and to our surprise the service was pretty quick. We didn’t have to wait long with our growling stomachs. This platter was not only delicious but generous portion size made it enough for 2-3 people (even though it is an appetizer). It came with Hummus, Tabuli, Stuffed Grape Leaves, Falafel, Tzatziki, Baba Ganoush, and Athens Fries and dips. Athens Fries are their specialty and I must say they taste one of the best. The whole patter comes with warm and fresh pita bread. I definitely loved the yogurt cucumber dip especially with the fries it tasted divine. Falafel was fresh and equally yummy.

Even if you are not a Mediterranean food lover you should surely try this place for its freshly served food and unique taste. Also this place is just off the strip so very convenient option to go for. Definitely worth the price which is wonderful. Other than this platter they are also famous for Moussaka and Quinoa Tabuli Salad. I will give this place 4.5 stars and will surely visit again on my next trip to Vegas. (1)