If you’re new to Ethiopian cuisine, don’t waste time looking for a fork. This is finger food.

Well first time I read this, I was bit intrigued about the place! Looking at high ratings and tons of great reviews online I thought let’s give it a try. Yes this award winning place “Muzita Abyssinian Bistro” in San Diego is famous for serving traditional Ethiopian cuisine. They follow philosophy of eating by hands rather than using forks and knifes and this makes me nostalgic thinking of my home land India! Talking about food it sounds and looks quite similar to Indian cuisine. We had an appetizer called "Sambusas"(resonates and looks like samosas). It is assorted plate of 6 crispy pastries each stuffed with 3 different fillings like chicken, lamb, & spinach. I personally like the chicken one a lot! For the main course we ordered the authentic "Shiro Kantisha". It appeared on one big piece of soft injera bread spread on a big plate. Ethiopians cook this fermented flat bread from a grain called teff. It is topped with button mushrooms, freshly chopped greens in the middle and zucchini & tomato serrano and lentil sauce on the side. Truly exciting flavors all over the plate. This was chef chosen dish and we loved it to bits. Lentil sauce is not much spicy but good amalgamation of flavors. While San Diego is far from the kingdom of Ethiopian, this whole dining experience with certainly different flavors than usual gives us feeling of being in some other territory. Even though the ingredients quite resemble to Indian cuisine the flavors are certainly unique.

Just one note “Reserve before you arrive” unless you are OK with waiting in long line! I will give this place a 4.5 star. Do give it a try if you happen to visit San Diego or if you are simply bored of eating with forks and knifes!

Next time when I have to dine out I will definitely say “let’s have Italian, Thai or Ethiopian?”

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