Meal Prep 101 | Easy Meal Prep Ideas | Meal Prep Motivation


Don't Eat less, eat right! 🍃
And for eating right, you need to Put some time, efforts and creativity in planning and prepping your meals!
Its surely is intimidating at first and you may get overwhelmed with amount of resources available on the internet/books etc! But let me assure you. its not This new series is to make it all easy and breakdown the entire process !
Few hours prepping over the weekend can save you hours during the busy week. Not to mention you will still be eating homecooked cozy meals over ordering a take out and regretting later!
So let's kick start with BASICS / 101 of Meal prepping.
Getting dinner served on the table night after night ( specially those busy weeknights) is no small task, but neither it is impossible!
So based on my personal experience, I assure you guys week 1 will seem little harder but you will be pro in just few weeks!

  1. Plan the recipes:

    🔸Choosing the recipes is fun part of the entire process. To do this efficiently-
    🔸Anticipate: Your days, what you may crave, check the weather, check the calendar if there are any special occasions during the week, if you have extra busy week etc.
    🔸Analyze: Your nutrition requirements if you follow any particular lifestyle, Quantities required, What last long, again weather plays key role. So make a list of recipes for the respective meals.

  2. Make the List:

    🔸Before making the list, you need check your pantry thoroughly. It often happens that we have something in pantry that is lost somewhere in the back and we buy that product again. Avoid that.
    🔸Make sure you check the dates, plan to use the stuff going bad soon first.
    🔸Jot down what is needed, also quantities needed, weather you want that organic or regular.
    🔸Same goes for fridge, try and waste as little to nothing.
  3. Go Shopping:

    🔸Now go shopping can be misleading, indulging and overwhelming. So stick to the LIST. Definitely try to keep the focus.
    🔸Always go to grocery with full stomach to avoid any snaccidents purchases
    🔸Wear your mask and carry reusable bags/jars etc.
  4. Meal Prep:

    🔸Now comes the day! For most people Sunday make sense, but you decide your day!
    🔸Decide the sequence of cooking, boiling, chopping, drying, packing etc.
    🔸Get the apron on and get into chef mode! Play some music, Involve the family members in small tasks like chopping, peeling. If you have kids, make them part of it so everyone gets the importance and tasks doesn't feel boring anymore.
    🔸Dedicated 2-3 hours and you will save so many hours and frustration during the week.

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