Dry Fig Ladoos | Anjeer Ladoos | Mom’s Recipe

This recipe is very close to my heart and my absolute favorite ask why? because it is my mom's recipe and undoubtedly most delicious sugar free treats!
I literally can eat this everyday without feeling guilty. Suka Anjeer or Dry Figs are also my most favorite dry fruit. I usually snack on them just as is but idea of adding them ladoos is brilliant way of including them in your diet.

As soon as mom sent me a dabba (container) full of these ladoos I decided to document it. This recipe is worth sharing and Mom happily agreed to it. Oh thank you Mom!


2 cups Dry figs | Suka Anjeer
1 cup Dry seedless date powder 
or Kharik powder
1/2 cup Medjool dates
1 cup dry finely grated coconut 
1 cup cashew
1/2 cup almonds
1/2 cup pistachios
1/2 cup tsp Ghee


1. Take a medium sauce pan, put it on medium low flame and add 2 tsp ghee to it.
2. Add the figs and medjool dates and roast until they become soft and mushy. Stir them constantly. Within 2-3 mins figs and dates will start softening.
3. Now take them out in plate and let it cool for few minutes.
4. Meanwhile to the same pan dry roast cashews, almonds, pistachios for 2-3 mins. Take them out in a plate to cool as well.
5. Add the soft figs and medjool dates to the blender / food processor and blend until coarse.
6. Take out the blended mixture in a large bowl.
7. To the same blender / food processor now add roasted cashews, almonds, pistachios and blend until coarse.
8. Add that to the same bowl, along with that add dry dates powder and coconut to it.
9. Warm the remaining ghee and add it to the bowl and knead everything together. Ghee helps to combine the mixture together and along with medjool date acts as a binding agent.
10. Take approx. TBSP of mixture and mold them into small balls / ladoo shape.
11. I like to keep it bite size, you can adjust the size of ladoo as per your liking.

These are absolute healthy and delicious for everyday breakfast or as a snack. They are filling and sugar free so they make a perfect snack.



1. Feel free to add or swap other nuts of your choice.
2. If you want to Veganize the recipe or do not like ghee, swap it with avocado oil or vegan ghee or any other non flavored oil.

Store them in an airtight container at room temperature. They finish so quickly as they are so delicious, other wise they taste super fresh up to 2 months. Do not keep them in fridge as they might turn hard.

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