We are using 🥥 Coconut chutney so for that we need
Fresh or dry coconut pieces 4-5 medium size
2 Green chilies 🌶🌶
Handful of Cilantro
Lemon Juice🍋
Salt, Sugar and pepper

For the toast we need:
2 Slices of Bread Well toasted on both sides. 🍞
2 Tomato slices 🍅
4 Raw mango wedges 🥭
Few slices of cucumber (Optional)🥒
Seeds of your choice
Chaat masala
Salt and Pepper🧂


1. Blend all the chutney ingredients in a blender until smooth.
2. Take bread slices, slather them with chutney on one side
3. Add cucumber, tomatoes and raw mango.
4. Sprinkle some flax seeds, salt, pepper and Chaat masala on top.
The coconut paired with raw mango is delicious combination. This is one of my favorite toast. its quick. easy and delicious.