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I have spoken a lot about Italian, Ethiopian, Indian, Mediterranean food on my blog before! Being in Southern California and not speaking about Mexican food? Certainly doesn’t sound well! Today we are going to have some serious talk about authentic Mexican food! Are you all ready with pen and paper in case you want to take notes! Ha-ha!

OLD TOWN is the historic heart of San Diego. Created in 1769, Old Town San Diego was California’s first settlement with only a mission and a fort. Surrounded by this historic structures is “Casa Guadalajara”! I visited this place once and still including this place here because I have tried very many other Mexican places around the town and I found this was not just tasty food but an experience to have!

Starting with beautiful architecture of the building to very classic conventional interiors, this restaurant simple gives you a ride of colorful Mexican culture along with some great tasting food. It’s definitely welcoming to guests from far and near with its charming presence and fabulous decor. They have option to dine inside with gorgeous dining room or dine outside in beautiful and pretty courtyard with nice fountain on the side. I choose to take dine inside experience to witness the exceptional Mexican folk art, lively sounds of mariachis band with some delicious tasting food.

I ordered Burrito, it is a large burrito filled with marinated chicken and pico de gallo, topped with a delicious salsa roja and melted cheese, served with refried beans and homemade guacamole; Mango Chipotle Chicken with Seasoned grilled chicken breast served on a bed of mango chipotle salsa, served with arroz poblano and cilantro lime fiesta slaw; Fiesta Fajitas served with Tomatoes, onion, mushrooms, green & red bell peppers, yellow squash, zucchini and carrots sauted in achiote sauce. Also served with black beans, arroz poblano, guacamole, pico de gallo and corn tortillas. Chips and salsa were complimentary. Definitely a huge spread to indulge in. You can feel the fresh ingredients. They are also known for their sea food dishes like Seafood Enchiladas Supremas and Seafood Chimichanga! Also not to mention people go crazy over their margaritas.

Gracious staff will enhance your experience to satisfy all your food cravings. Whether you are looking for a romantic dinner for two or a large family celebration, Casa Guadalajara is the perfect place for any special occasion. I am going with 4.8 stars and recommend do give it a try on your next Mexican food trip.


Address4105 Taylor St, San Diego, CA 92110