Carrot Rice Kheer

Whenever I miss Indian festivals or just the atmosphere during those days I immediately try to indulge in making something sweet! May be this is to overcome the nostalgia I have or simply I have a huge sweet tooth! Speaking of sweets remind me of that flavorful protein and vitamin rich kheer my mom usually makes during Diwali or Holi! Yes giving it my touch with adding some Carrots which I am sure are easily available in the market this season! I like eating carrots in any form. Usually use it in my lunch box as my salad but sometimes change is nice! Isn't it? 

This Kheer is definitely good option for other heavily sweetened desserts as we will be using jaggery instead of sugar. Also I am choosing carrots those are sweet in nature so it will help enhance the taste of kheer.

This kheer is really easy and quickly made so if you are in a hurry or have some unexpected guests at home definitely make this one and people will remember you for months I am sure! Also if you have some leftover rice from dinner last night, this will be great breakfast option!


Lets get cooking

Yield: 2 bowls
Prep Time: 20 mins
Cook Time: 25 mins

1/2 cup cooked Basmati rice (no salt added)
1 medium size grated carrot
1-2 cups Milk
1 TBSP Ghee
3 TBSP Jaggery powder
2 Tsp condensed milk (optional)
Tiny pinch of Salt
Roughly chopped dry fruits
1-2 Saffron sticks for garnish


  1. Heat the sauce pan to medium flame. Add ghee and let it warm a bit. Now add all the roughly chopped dry fruits and roast for 2 minutes. Nice aroma will fill your entire house.
  2. Now add grated carrot to this and let it cook for about 5-7 mins. Keep stirring all the while.
  3. Here you can also use steamed carrots if you like but I usually dont steam them before.
  4. Now add 2 cups of milk (add more if needed) and let this whole thing cook for around 5-7 minutes. You can close the pan with lid while this is cooking.
  5. Once you see the boil, add the cooked Basmati rice to it and give it a good stir. Again let it cook for 10 mins. Keep the flame on medium for whole time.
  6. At this stage add the jaggery powder & condensed milk and give it a good mix. Turn off the flame and let the kheer rest for 5-10 mins and soak in all the flavors together.
  7. Garnish with some saffron sticks and chopped dry fruits on top.
  8. Serve Hot or cool it in a refrigerator and enjoy.


  1. Variety: Use any other type of nuts or sprinkle on some coconut sugar if you like! 
  2. Storage:Store in an air-tight container in the refrigerator; will be good for 1-2 days only.
  3. Eat with: Hot Puri, chapatti or simply on its own.

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